Limited Edition Luxury
Individually Handcrafted

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Leather & Exotic Skins

Cow Hide · Crocodile · Sheep Skin · Snake Skin · Ostrich · Our leathers and skins are ethically & responsibly sourced.


Handmade Luxury

Our skins are treated coloured and hand-crafted to the highest standards with Flawless Finishing · Each Unique Design is Individually made in limited quantities.

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Commitment to Quality

We do NOT compromise on quality of finishing. Our Master Artisans aim for the highest standards in craftsmanship. Proudly made in Nigeria.



Welcome to our world where we celebrate style, luxury and our modern interpretation of the enigmatic African spirit.
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Our Featured Design
Fresh from our workshop. Here is where we showcase our newest design. If you see it here, then it is available to buy. When It's gone, it's gone. Fastest fingers win..
  • The "Eme" Purse
  • Gold Chain
  • Snap shut closure
  • Vibrant Red Leather
  • Ankara Lining
  • Versatile and Roomy

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